"Respond to every call that excites your Spirit"


Welcome to your soul's spiritual journey

As we wander through life, a jungle of information overwhelms our Soul. An endless load of stimuli that extinguishes our ears, dazzles our sight, our minds Obscured. But in ourselves there is a place where we can create, where we can really Listen. In the silence that our minds, the space between our emotions, and the gap between Our fears separates, we are experienced. It is exactly there, in that state of silence, where light shines through. We discover our wider, infinite, inspired. We are all unique, But deep inside, we all share that destiny, that vocation, that quest to inner peace. Honor the spiritual journey of your own soul

I am Niravo den Heijer, your travel companion.

My trip

Sometimes you lose and other times you win, but that doesn’t matter, because a defeat is not a shame. It can be a springboard for new victories. Where it
Going is that you are moving and remain open to learn something, and so to achieve!!

Body-oriented psychotherapy

By going back in time and those situations that were decisive for you, on
To seek and relive, you are the true right which has gone wrong for you.
What can you do as an adult, that you could not be as a child before? This allows you to heal yourself and live again from your essence and strength.

Family lineups and systemic work

If something serious or unusual happens in a family, then that (unconscious and unhealthy) continues to work in the
Family system until that fate is recognized and recognized by someone. A set-up can then provide a lot of clarity and create space for healing.

"With The conscious decision to live in a sacred manner, we attract the understanding, the teachings and information that will help us to unfold our gifts for the benefit of all"

From mythology to masculinity

The journey to your authentic and true self is well described as a journey through an unfamiliar landscape. To be able to tap into something new in yourself and stay on track, you need to leave your comfort zone from time to time and overcome your fears. To initiate growth and to unlock your true potential, you must push your boundaries, say goodbye
Taking limited consciousness, watching your shadow right and sometimes through the dark night of the soul.


Meditation is seeing things as they really are. It is the process of self-observation. One
Begins by observing the natural breathing, or the body sensations the mind
to concentrate. With a keen consciousness one observes thus the changing nature of
Body and mind and experiences the universal truths of mortality, suffering and freedom

Men's work

The bedding of a group of men gives support and is a mirror to get to know yourself as a man better. Men find themselves back in the company of other men!

Hogethut ceremony

The sweat lodge ceremony is an Indian cleansing and healing ritual in which a purification takes place on the physical, emotional, rational and spiritual level.
The sweat lodge gives us a chance to return to the womb, to heal and with
New energy to be born.

"To be Wild is not to be crazy or psychotic. True wildness is a love of nature, a delight in silence, a voice free to say spontaneous things, and an exuberant of in the face of the unknown "

Robert Bly