"Life gives us choices. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines "

Hero Journey

The journey to your authentic and true self is well described as a journey through an unfamiliar landscape. To be able to tap into something new in yourself and stay on track, you have to leave your comfort zone from time to time and overcome your fears. To initiate growth and to unlock your true potential, you need to push boundaries, say goodbye to limited consciousness, look at your shadow right, and sometimes through the dark night of the soul.

You need to become aware of who you are, your true self, and your potential to realise talents. Before that you are here. Your Life path is also a quest for this potential. The road reveals itself by simply going and showing itself to you by consciously standing still. Reflecting on experiences in the outside world, you can gain insights and transform your journey.

An inner knowing

The hero’s journey follows, an ancient tale, an ancient myth that is intertwined within you, the person who courageously goes his own way. An idea that is deeply anchored in your soul. It touches you in an inner knowing and in a desire that you should go your unique path, looking for the mystery of life. The ancient story helps you realize what you want at its deepest and points the way to a meaningful destination. It is ultimately about being able to fall together with your own being. Who are you actually and what are you coming here? To find out, there is nothing other than going on a journey.

Whether you are conscious of your way of life and making courageous choices, decide if you are going to take a trip from the hero or just live. If you adopt the help of a guide and what you learn to actually apply, overcome your fear and resistance and switch over the threshold, you will go the hero’s journey. It requires quite a bit of you. But then it also brings you a lot. It’s a fall and get up again. Go through the valley, and reach the top. Dare to grope in the darkness and dare to stand in the light. Burn up and reborn from the Ashes.

Go Your Own Way

Nothing is as challenging in life as your own way, just dare to stand. Step out of the treadmill and choose to do it differently than colleagues, family and friends. It can also feel lonely to make conscious and courageous choices. The idea of having to go your own way also touches a feeling of solitude. As if you have to detach from the beaten path and all the people that are on it. Consciously this journey or quest, therefore, takes courage. It is a conscious choice. Once you get on your way, you can’t go back.

This path of life is essentially a quest for yourself. To appreciate who you are. In the end, you can only be yourself, and go your own way and choose for yourself, for what you think is important. Time and again. It’s not a choice that you make once and where you’re always off. There are always new situations and challenges in different stages of life. And so life always offers you a chance to grow further.

"It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you "