"Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley"

Men's Circle

Do you walk ‘ your path ‘? Do you follow your heart?

The bedding of a group of men gives support and is a mirror to give yourself as a man better
To know. Among men, the need to keep in, withdraw
or someone to please. Men find themselves back in the company of other men.

The meetings (circles) have a fixed design with body work, space to share
and exercises around themes related to man-being. Together we create a safe
Space in which we can rediscover our masculinity and in which your experiences
Can share with other men.

Your essence!

In the circle you are invited to reconnect with your essence. By you
Connecting with your essence you drill an unprecedented potential. An infinite flow
Vitality and life energy that motivates you to stand up for yourself and your space in the
World, powerful and vulnerable.. and to follow your own path from there!

“Can we see each other as brethren who walk the same way?. Can we even be in the
Most difficult moments recognise that each of us has a series of challenges and shortcomings
And that we all do our best to get to know ourselves, in whom we are in
Reality? “

"Men and women distinguish themselves most from each other before they travel. At the end of the journey they are both alike and discover their kinship. Deep masculinity and deep femininity are no longer over-hopeful. They are able to recognise, accept and love each other. They complement and enrich each other "