"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"



When you also have a great desire to discover new perspectives and your
Unique potential to experience and experience. When you are stuck in your body, in your life,
Then I can be a guide for you by signposting along the path of ignorance to

I help you to become aware of your essence and to gain authentic power and sight on
Patterns that you no longer serve and hinder you to live fully. We Look at what is
Where you are now and where you want to go.

Your truth

Then it’s about daring to follow your own truth and dare to be authentic. With the
Wisdom of the original child in you, and the power of the adult person you are now
You are learning to lead your own life.

What do you stand for, what do you do things, what are you moving? And accompanied there over
Thinking, researching together, or what you do suits who you really are. We
Look and think about whether you can create adjustments in your life to get closer to yourself
and to stay!


The answers are hidden deep within yourself, regardless of your history and situation. You
You will have to find it yourself and you can find it yourself. What helps is that there are ancient and
Principles that are still valid, and the strength of my own
Lessons and experiences I learned from the Aumm Institute as a Primal Rebirth therapist. I am a member of the SBLP, the professional association for body-oriented (psycho) therapy.

It takes courage, your will to put something in motion. But the path is there. It’s your
Path, you can walk it…

"When We follow our bliss, we are met by a thousand unseen Helping Hands"

Joseph Campbell