"Read thou in the Book of the Law, and break through the veil of the Virgin"

The Fool

The Fool (The Hero) goes on the path to fulfill his life purpose. He represents the folly from which wisdom is born. He travels lightly, in his handsome pouch is not much. He lives in the here and now.

He is on the right track, the path that is in line with his life plan. He has the willingness to follow his vocation and follow the right path for him. He listens to his inner voice. The fool no longer needs to seek, does not suffer from limiting beliefs and can freely and happily enjoy everything that comes in his path. Even a abyss is no longer a barrier.


The value of the fool lies in its purity and potency: full of energy and with many, yet unknown means, it stands at the beginning of his life. The knapsack over the shoulder. Contains the properties and talents (content) that he has received for his journey. The fool does not know the contents of his knapsack, because he does not yet know himself and his possibilities. Because of his innocence and ‘ cosmic consciousness ‘ as that of a child, he is protected by angels as it were.

The fool is not there to find enlightenment, yet he is closer to enlightenment than many who are looking for it. He still stands on his right leg, but the next step, over the edge, he will put with his left leg, it is an intuitive step, spontaneously a prompting next.


He walks without fear over the edge, he dares the leap into the unknown in full confidence that he will come right. His gaze up is a symbol of trust and his staggered arms show that he is opening up to the new, willing to embrace the new one!

Know Naught! All ways are lawful to Innocence. Pure Folly is the Key to Initiation. Silence Breaks into rapture. Be Neither man nor woman, but both in one. Be silent, Babe in the Egg of Blue, that thou the grow to bear the Lance and Graal! Wander alone, and sing! In the King’s Palace his Daughter awaits thee.

"Treat time and all conditions of Events as Servants of thy Will, appointed to present the Universe to thee in the form of thy Plan"