"Through lifetimes of strive, one learns to dance in the end"

The mystical marriage, the balance between the inner man and woman.

In a balanced personality, both parts of the Psyché, Animus (male) and Anima (female), can both manifest themselves freely in consciousness and in behavior. However, through education, and the standards imposed by our society on ‘ masculinity ‘ or ‘ femininity ‘, one is sometimes developed and the other is not.

Many humans live thereby either predominantly in the female pole or predominantly in the male pole. You can also deny a pool in yourself, as a man sometimes does not want to show his feminine, sensitive qualities to the outside world, or a woman does not dare to stand up for herself.

Working with the energies

By working with the male and female pole, you become conscious when you are one-sided, in a single pole, in duality and you can add to the simultaneous existence, the polarity.

In all of our lives so two seemingly contrasting principles, you could say, the masculine and the feminine principle. In other words, every man has feminine and masculine energy. Bringing together the two poles in US creates opportunities, as a birth process, which can create something new and we are able to get the highest potential out of ourselves.

The special thing about the time we now live is that both principles, the masculine and the feminine, are going to meet in the middle. There is a mutual understanding between the masculine principle and the feminine principle and by that mutual understanding the respect will grow for ourselves and for the other. In doing so, we create a world that lives in balance with itself, a world that gives expression to the divine power.

Feminine Energy

The feminine energy is the earth, the uterus, from which everything is born. In Her darkness It grows nothing to anything. She is the life, the atthe, she flows. She has no purpose, no direction; She moves, she flows.

Women who are predominantly in the female pool are characterised by their rich fantasy world, their creativity and their intuitive ability. But they are also characterized by their inability to give hands and feet on this earth and their inability to set boundaries and really ‘ stand for themselves ‘. The fragile female side lacks the protection of a balanced male side as it were.

Masculine Energy

The masculine energy is connected to the sky. He is pure consciousness, focus, stability; The compassionate detachment, which invites to push boundaries and stand on their own feet. He is purposeful and clear.

Men who are predominantly in the male pool, on the other hand, are recognizable by their magnified rational ability without basis in the feeling. They have a greater ability to structure, reasoning and boundaries, but lack the nuance of an emotional side.

Polarity instead of duality: the Poles exist next to each other in your

Plus and plus repel each other. Min and Min too. The beauty of the man and woman is precisely the polarity between both. As soon as you can distinguish between female and masculine energy, it becomes easier to use them on the one hand when you need them, and on the other hand to be completely yourself instead of living according to restrictive energy patterns that you If true are going to assume.

The masculine and feminine in you can also complement each other beautifully. The inner man protects with his strength the inner woman. The inner woman is able to feel safe. If you are befriended with both poles, if you can recognize when one or the other distorts, and if you can see what their healthy expression form is, then you are quite in balance.

If your masculine and your feminine side are present together in you, then we speak of balancing between giving and receiving, being with yourself. The mystical marriage adds something that was separated together, your husband and wife merge. If the masculine and feminine in you are exactly alike and love each other, you become a channel for universal love.

Give both energies a place in yourself again. Contribute to balance in the world. Both want only one thing: to meet and become one.

"All healthy spirituality will always have a truly" sexual "character to it, a desire for re-union. Religion is always, in one sense or another, about making one out of two. Cheap religion is invariably about maintaining the two and keeping things separate and apart "

Richard Rohr