"I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

Primal Rebirth Therapy

Primal Rebirth Therapy is a body-oriented psychotherapy developed by the Aumm Institute and a stepwise approach to childhood that makes contact with the injured child in a personal possible. This allows you to become aware of negative and limiting beliefs and survival strategies that have arisen in childhood and see that this child part is still active in you and a large part, often unconscious of your behavior determines.
Assumptions and behaviors that hinder you to be fully who you actually are and really
To live.


Body-oriented means that we use in particular the body as an entrance to complaints and
Problems. The head is very clever and very skillful to maintain behaviour and judgements
Keep everything in the old. To bring about real change, it can
Therefore be more effective to make our head out of play by putting the focus on the body.
The body can provide valuable information about what’s playing and how it works in your
Thoughts and in your emotional world. Your body can give you more insight into what you
Stops, restricts or frightens and what you need to experience things differently or

Strengthen the adult

The goal of the therapy is to strengthen the adult that situations objectively and
Can approach lovingly, forcefully or fragile, in conjunction with the wisdom of the natural and uninhibited child in you. Being in direct contact with who you really are.

Using techniques such as: Active and Silence-meditations, Reichian body work, Bio energetics, Tension release, inner child dialogue, guided fantasies, Rebirthing, Bonding and
Family setups You can get back in touch with your natural self and the body. With the retained emotions and feelings that are still stored in the body and which are yet to be expressed or finished, in order to regain the real life energy
Let it flow and feel your true power!

"I Think I'm goin ' back. To the things I learned so well in my youth, I think I'm returning to. The days when I was young enough to know the truth "

Goin ' Back-The Byrds