"What you seek is also seeking you"



The development of you as a man depends on the degree to which you fail or succeed in
Uncovering the adult male archetypes within yourself. These archetyps are
Human properties. Types that reflect their character and function
Different aspects of the male psyché.

The four adult male archetyps in each man are – the king, the energy of the
Right, creating order. The warrior, the energy of self-discipline and aggressive action. The
Magician, the energy of initiation and transformation. And the lover, the energy that men
Connect with others and the world. And there are the four immature patterns: the Divine
Child, the Oedipal child, the earliest child and the hero.

In an arrangement in which representatives represent your archetypes, we investigate
Your masculine identity, how is the balance, what part and energy is the overtone, and
Why. Which part is less lived, and again, why. And what is needed to
Create a healthy balance?!

"Learn the true topography; The mountains and wonderful archetypes are not inside you, not inside your consciousness; You are inside them, trapped and howling to get out "

R.A. Lafferty