Films in which the life path of man is shown with symbolism

It is a universal ancient story, a story with archetypal patterns, an ancient myth that is intertwined in all of us, the person who courageously goes his own way. An idea that is deeply anchored in our souls. It touches us in an inner knowing and in a desire that we must go our unique path, in search of the Mystery of life. The ancient story helps us to realise what we want at the deepest and points the way to a meaningful destination.

All the stories (movies) eventually go on to be able to fall together with your own being. Who are you actually and what are you coming here? To find out, there is nothing other than going on a journey. The well-known to leave and the jump car to the unknown.

Phases of the journey

The storylines in many films are influenced by this theme and the different phases of the journey as an important basis for their stories. After all, the theme expresses a desire that each of us cherishes.

The films: Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Un prophete, Dances with Wolves, Life of Pi, The Lion King, Big Fish, The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, and A monsters call can help you to organize your own life story and impressions.

Mystery of Life

Because of the structure that these beautiful films offer, you can make connections between your own experiences, and by placing them in a certain order, a meaningful whole arises. So you can understand the mystery of life, develop consciousness and get a grip on life.

Actually, those films say at an unconscious level against the Spectator: “It is time you do that too!”. It is an invitation, a call to step out of the comfort zone.

"The idea is to leave here a little smarter"

Un Prophete