"The water I give will be a spring within you-welling up into infinite life"


Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. It is the process of self-
Purification by self observation. One begins by observing the natural breathing
To concentrate the mind. With a keen consciousness one observes the changing nature
of body and mind and experiences the universal truths of mortality, suffering and freedom
Consciousness. This truth-realization by direct experience is the process of purification.

When the mind is tired or restless, when it is difficult to feel sensations,
Or when it is difficult not to react to them, practise Anapana. Keep your attention
In the area under the nostrils and above the upper lip. Stay conscious of any breathing
When it enters or leaves the nostrils. If the mind is very debued or restless,
Then breathe consciously slightly harder for some time; and otherwise breathing must be natural.
Start with Anapana and then switch to Vipassana or, if necessary, keep the
Breathing observe the whole hour.

Move your attention systematically from the head to the feet and from the feet to
Head, observe every part of the body by feeling all the sensations you
Encounter. Observe objectively; That is to say, stay equanimous with all the sensations you
Experience, pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, by appreciating their transient
Nature. Keep moving your attention. Never stay for more than a few minutes on
A place. Do not let the practice become mechanical. Work in different ways
Depending on the type of sensations you are experiencing. Areas of the body that
Different coarse sensations have to be observed separately by the attention
Del Advantage. Symmetrical parts, such as the arms or both legs, which
Have similar subtle sensations can be observed at the same time. If you have
Subtle sensations throughout the physical structure, you may occasionally experience the
Focus on the whole body and then work part again.

Real wisdom is recognizing and accepting that every experience is transient. With this Insight will not be overwhelmed by the living conditions. And when you have a inner Balance, you will act in a natural way that makes you and others happy.

"Be here fully, and than whatever is needed in your life, comes. It comes out of the enormous power that dwells in the present moment that most people overlook. It is the power of life itself. And the power of life itself is inseparable of who you are in the dept of your being "

Eckhard Tolle